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Embracing What Is

We don’t embrace a situation by focusing on every way in which it displeases us (unless doing so prompts us to take action to change it).  And we don’t embrace a situation by deluding ourselves that it is exactly what … Continue reading

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The Most Athletic Day Of My Life

Note: The post that follows was written in April 2008, when the events of the day were still fresh in my mind. Ironman Arizona: April 13, 2008 It was somewhere around 6:40am when I jumped into Tempe Town Lake.  It … Continue reading

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Mr. Hollander’s Opus: An Ironman At 80

“It’s one step after another, you know, and you just keep going.  And that’s what life is.  One little barrier they keep throwin’…Somebody upstairs just keeps throwing these barriers in front of you, and you just keep hopping over them, … Continue reading

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Ruling Our Rulers

Most human behavior is unconscious.  Some of that behavior is dictated by our hard-wiring, but we also have scripts that are not hard-wired that we follow every day without thinking too much about, such as: Brushing our teeth Driving to … Continue reading

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Survival vs. Inspired Living

Survival is good, but inspired living is better.  Way better!  Inspiration feeds the soul, fuels dreams, and increases the quality of the moment – the Now – exponentially. This blog is my way of periodically tossing out digital “messages in … Continue reading

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