Survival vs. Inspired Living

Survival is good, but inspired living is better.  Way better!  Inspiration feeds the soul, fuels dreams, and increases the quality of the moment – the Now – exponentially.

This blog is my way of periodically tossing out digital “messages in bottles” that will drift across the ocean of cyberspace, hopefully delivering doses of inspiration, wherever and whenever they may reach you.

The fact is that simply by being alive, we cannot help but have an impact.  Every single thing we do (or don’t do) affects our immediate environment and ripples through time and space in ways we can never fully comprehend.  Think about a comment someone made to you years ago that you have never forgotten.  The person who spoke those words may not even remember having done so (or may not even still be alive), but the effect of his/her words lingers on.

We often cannot have any concept of the long-term effects of our actions, let alone control these effects.  But we can at least develop our awareness, take increasing command of our behavior, choose to act consciously, and improve the chances that what we do will have a lasting positive impact.  One kind word, one smile, one gesture of goodwill, one idea shared with another, can reverberate in profound ways.

May something you read on this blog make a positive difference to you, and may you, in turn, pass along some inspiration in your own inimitable way.  Because like it or not: you matter!

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