Paper in Plastic

Due to overwhelming popular demand (translation: five requests on my Facebook page), I am posting this video of a little song I wrote back when I was in high school. For those wondering about the title, “paper in plastic” was the most common request I received from the customers at Shop N Bag (Leo Mall location, for those northeast Philadelphians waxing nostalgiac). Folks were asking to have their goods double-bagged, with a paper bag on the inside for sturdiness, and a plastic bag on the outside for easier carryability (it never occurred to us back then to bring in our own reusable bags). This was also an era in which supermarket cashiers had to ring up items manually (they brought in the high-tech scanners during my tenure) – hence the line “I don’t think there’s no tax on those…“. It wasn’t the incessant request for “paper in plastic” so much as the manner in which it was requested by the next-to-impossible-to-please clientele of Shop N Bag that prompted me to quit after six weeks on the job and write this little ditty. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Paper in Plastic

  1. David says:

    I feel lucky to have my current job. Not an easy trick on a Monday morning! Thanks for the moral boost, and a good laugh as well. There’s nothing like a job involving customer service to make you wonder about the human race.

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