Completely and Utterly Transform Someone’s Life for $77.91

Back in 2006, I signed up to race in the Pacific Shoreline Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA (since renamed the Surf City Marathon, it is held on Super Bowl Sunday each year).

As a 2007 race participant, I received an e-mail informing me that, for the second year in a row, the race organizers had partnered with an organization called Free Wheelchair Mission that was devoted to distributing wheelchairs to “the poorest of the poor” around the world in need of them. Runners were encouraged to sign up to become fundraisers as part of FWM’s “Run for Mobility” campaign and, so moved was I upon learning about their work in the world, that I did just that.

To get a sense of what Free Wheelchair Mission is all about, check out this short, powerful video and see if it doesn’t reach right down into and grab hold of your heart:

I signed up to be a Run for Mobility fundraiser again in 2008, and have kept up with and supported Free Wheelchair Mission ever since.

I had the privilege of meeting FWM President and Founder Don Schoendorfer several times during the course of my fundraising, and was thrilled when he recently agreed to be interviewed for this very blog. Stay tuned for my profile of, and interview with, Don!

And, in the meantime, please consider donating to this amazing organization. If you do so between now and October 31, 2014, your donation will be matched as part of their Times Two Gift Challenge:

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