Man on a Mission: An Interview with Don Schoendorfer (Part Four)

In this fourth and final installment of my interview with Free Wheelchair Mission President and Founder Don Schoendorfer, Don talks about giving up his career for a vocation, what it means to surrender, and how FWM is finding new ways to fulfill its established mission of providing “the transforming gift of mobility” around the world.

In the clip below, Don discusses the birth and evolution of Free Wheelchair Mission:

And, in this final clip, Don recounts the story of FWM’s third-ever wheelchair recipient:

Think of the profound effect the simple gift of a wheelchair can have on an individual life, and the ripple effect that this, in turn, can have on many other lives. Then realize that FWM has given out over 800,000 wheelchairs around the world thus far.  That’s a lot of transformation! That’s an incredible amount of goodwill, and positive ripples created around the world.

Impressive as this achievement is, the fact remains that there are still an estimated 100 million people around the world who could seriously benefit from a wheelchair, but for whom such a thing is so inaccessible or unaffordable as to be little more than a fantasy.

This is where you come in.

I sincerely hope that you will consider joining me in supporting Free Wheelchair Mission’s amazing, life-changing work.  Click here to make a donation to FWM right away. If you do so by the end of the day on October 31, 2014, your contribution will be matched (and its power doubled).

This is an easy and convenient way to spread some love around the world…to perform a random act of kindness that could have a profoundly healing and transformational effect on another human life.

Is there a better thing you could do in the course of your day?

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