What If…?

What if:

  • You sent someone a random message, card, or e-mail of sincere appreciation/acknowledgment, and it reached her just as she was having an especially difficult day and was feeling really down on herself?
  • You came up with your own personal menu of ways to put small pockets of free time (5 minutes here, 10 minutes there) to some positive use, and started implementing these on a daily basis?
  • You simply decided to do the thing you’re afraid to do?
  • Today ended up being the last day of your life?
  • You paused right before you were about to react out of anger, and waited until you were in a better frame of mind to respond?
  • You made taking care of yourself a priority?
  • It turns out it was much easier than you thought to do something you wanted to do?
  • All you had to do was ask?
  • You stopped worrying about doing something perfectly, and did it anyway so that others might still benefit?
  • You started paying attention to every good thing that happens to you, and wrote these down in a notebook each day?
  • It turns out you were wrong?
  • It turns out you were right?
  • You have other options?
  • You already have everything you need?
  • You have the power to affect and influence people to a much greater degree than you ever imagined?
  • You really showed up for each day?
  • You substituted water for soda every day for the rest of your life?
  • Taking the risk paid off?
  • You didn’t get what you thought you wanted, but you still want what you ended up getting?
  • One person’s life was made easier by something you did today?
  • You don’t need 50% of the things you spend money on, and could be just as happy without them?
  • You started a blog?
  • You didn’t watch TV for a month, and ended up not missing it?
  • You stopped caring what other people might think?
  • You did something you previously thought you could never do?
  • You took the first step?
  • When in doubt, you erred on the side of communication/clarification?
  • You took one less thing for granted?
  • You got a better night’s sleep?
  • You could learn to be content regardless of external factors?
  • You learned that person’s name you see every day and started addressing him by it?
  • You disrupted a social norm?
  • You smiled more often?
  • You experimented more?
  • You already beat lottery-winning odds just by being alive?
  • Opportunities abound, and it’s just a matter of tuning in to them?
  • You don’t have to do anything to prove your inherent worth?
  • Here is just as good as there?
  • This is as ready as you’ll ever be?
  • The person you are envious of isn’t actually all that happy?
  • All is forgiven?
  • The worst actually happens?
  • You can still become passionately interested in something new?
  • You matter?
  • There is life after heartbreak?
  • That fortune cookie was right that said: “Nature, time, and patience are the three great physicians”?
  • The experts are wrong?
  • You could be anywhere in the world tomorrow?
  • There’s hope?
  • You added something to this list in the “comments” section below?
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3 Responses to What If…?

  1. glennkleier says:

    You stopped trying to impose your religious beliefs on others, or judging them by your personal religious dogma .

  2. Marilyn says:

    You decided to love your job as long as you were choosing to do it?
    Soaking in the good actually changes your brain and increases happiness?

  3. JB, a fellow hiker says:

    You let it go. And sang the song after and were glad.

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