My name is Eric Teplitz, and I am a hominid: bipedal, opposable thumbs, the whole nine yards.

Some of my ever-evolving interests include: anthropology, backpacking, comedy, deserts/desserts, ethnic foods, friend-making, guitar, hiking, independent films, journaling/-ism, KPFK, learning things, music, nonfiction, (the) outdoors, personal growth, quixotic endeavors, reading, singing/songwriting, triathlons, underwater creatures, vegetarianism, writing, (e)xistentialism, yoga, and Zen Habits.

You can contact me directly at mrhominid (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thanks for dropping by!  ~ Eric

5 Responses to About

  1. Teresa Dusi says:

    Hi Eric. I came across this website when I was researching Guatemalan artist Margarito Chex after a recent trip to Antigua. I bought a tiny canvas painting from him but never got a picture with him as I was trying to get outta there fast as I only paid $5.00 for it. Our tour guide told me later he was famous in the area. Nice picture with Samantha and Senor Chex. I also enjoyed the pics. you posted of Antigua. I took a few of the same. It was one of my favorite places during our Panama canal cruise. Keep writing Eric. You’re good at it! Teresa Dusi

    • Eric Teplitz says:

      Thanks so much for your vote of confidence in my writing, Teresa. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Antigua. Samantha had the painting she bought from Sr. Chex framed and it brings us a lot of pleasure viewing it. All the best to you, in your travels and otherwise! Eric

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  3. Bil Katrina says:

    Hi Eric,

    I just spent the last, most delightful hour or so reading a few of your prolific and excellent blog posts. I found it difficult to pull myself away and I can’t wait to spend more time here. These are words to inspire and words to live by. Your efforts should be shouted to the world. Keep it up my friend. You have much to say and your generosity in putting this material up without cost for public consumption can literally change lives!


    Bil Katrina

  4. Cathy nyman says:

    I found two oil paintings at a goodwill store in Ohio , they are both signed Chex , I think they are by margarita chex ,

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