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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? (Part Two)

My Childhood Answers to This Question Like most kids, I had a pretty rich fantasy life. Some of the things I imagined being “when I grew up” were: a superhero, a baseball player (for the Philadelphia Phillies), and a singer. … Continue reading

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Billy Joel Story (conclusion!)

The door is open. I walk inside and no more than several feet away from me is…a short, not-so-good-looking guy.  A la Homer Simpson, my brain launches into a conversation with me as I stand frozen in place: You see that guy?  … Continue reading

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Billy Joel Story (continued)

There is something disconcerting about having a personal chat with one of your heroes on the telephone.  I knew going into it, intellectually at least, that Billy Joel was just another hominid, like you, I, or anyone else.  But the … Continue reading

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An Interview With Billy Joel – March 25, 1996

The following events occurred in March of 1996.  I was 23 years old at the time, had graduated from Penn State nearly two years earlier, and was living in Nashville and pursuing my dream of being a professional singer/songwriter.  Billy … Continue reading

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